Anton + Alma


I first met Anton when he contacted me about an engagement ring for his girlfriend Alma. When we first met over a coffee I knew this was going to be an exciting commission. We talked about Alma and her interests to get a feel for what this ring would be like.

Alma is an incredible ceramist and much of her work is inspired by the likes of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.  So with her ring we wanted to create a piece that was totally her. 

Many coffees later along with Anton showing me pictures and talking about Alma we hand carved this beautiful ring with texture on one side and polished on the other. 

After hearing so much about Alma I finally got to visit her studio at Turning Earth in Hackney. I am now a proud owner of one of her beautiful pieces. 

For me creating pieces like this is incredibly special for me and I have so enjoyed getting to know Anton and Alma. I also love that I now have a beautiful pot to remember the commission.

Thank you Anton and Alma! 

Be sure to check out Almas beautiful work here


Desert Days - Joshua Tree

 Bianca wears  Marmo Earrings  and  Marmo Pendant . 

Bianca wears Marmo Earrings and Marmo Pendant

My Time in the Desert at Joshua Tree

Pictured above is Bianca, she owns some of the most beautiful houses in Joshua Tree and fortunately for us they're all available to rent on Airbnb. You can browse her properties here. She was an incredibly gracious host and kindly modelled some of my new pieces around her property.

Joshua tree is a couple hours inland from LA and is a little oasis of calm. The house was perfectly kitted out from locally sourced tea to yoga mats that came in handy for my sunrise yoga sessions. If you're an early bird like me and take any opportunity to catch a beautiful sunrise, I can't think of a better place than Desert Hillside Hideaway.

Travel Tips

1. The National Park - the landscape is breathtaking. I would suggest going on as many hikes as you can to take in the surroundings. I'm managed about 5 (or rather 6. I did one twice!). This was totally manageable in one day and I would genuinely recommend all or any of them. I did Barker Dam, Hidden Valley, Ryan Mt, Skull Rock, 40 Palms Oasis (this one you have to go out the park and back in). Don't miss Natural Sisters Cafe - they do the most delicious smoothies, ideal before a day of hiking. 

2. Pioneertown - A town reminiscent of the small towns from American Western films. It was in fact set up to house film crews and production companies while filming took place in the desert landscape and also in the town itself. While at Pioneertown, head to Pappy & Harriets, where you can enjoy lovely food and drink. Many well known music artists have played small, secret gigs here throughout the years. 

3. La Copine - best apple pie ever! It's a really delicious Roadside stop. 

4. Integratron - this is amazing! It's incredible structure makes it the most amazing place to have a sound bath. To take part you need to book in advance. 

5. Crossroads Cafe - a great brunch spot on Joshua Tree. I enjoyed their yummy polenta eggs. 

Its such an amazing an unique place and landscape to explore, make sure you also check out the many thrift store around town and grab yourself a bargin! 


Sunday Sessions: On the Road with Sophie Hellyer

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 So this week we have had a little chat with Sophie Hellyer. Sophie is a surfer, environmentalist & writer living on the Atlantic coast of Ireland.

With English and British surfing titles Sophie loves the ocean. She has worked with the likes of Finisterre, Toyota and Hunter Boots. She is passionate about creating positive social change and protecting our oceans.

So listen up for her notes on the road...


What's the most importing thing to take with you on a Roadtrip.. this can be a few items... 

I try to take my flask, keep cup, metal straw, water bottle, spork and bamboo toothbrush everywhere! It's SO hard to avoid single use plastics on the road and these items make it a little easier.

Best moments / Worst moments that spring to mind. 

The bad: Flat tyres on rental cars in the middle of nowhere, lost board bags on flights, injuries that kept me out of the water in tropical places. 

The Good: Driving a new road and being amazed by the beauty around every corner, quiet little camping spots, sleeping on the side of the road in Norway with no tent and being woken up by drizzle and sunrise.

Do you plan your trips or just take them as they come? 

I don't do much planning for personal holidays , I might have an idea of some places I want to visit but no fixed schedule. I like to just see how I feel each day and do whatever I want to, stay a couple nights if it's beautiful or move on if not.

Best road you've ridden?

That's such a hard call! The road at home called the wild Atlantic way stretches all the way down the coast of Ireland, my favourite sections are  from ballyvaughan down through the burren to cliffs of moher, and the dingle peninsula. The route 1 up through big sur in California is also epic, and anywhere in Oregon or Norway!


Be sure to follow Sophie's journey here.

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The Good Stuff

Today Ren and I spent the day making natural deodorant to keep you smelling fresh but without putting all those nasty chemicals in your body.

For many years now the both of us have been trying different store bought natural formulas, and so we thought we would give it a go ourselves. This way know exactly what goes in it, and we can customise our own scents using organic essential oils.  

Using natural deodorant is so important as all leading commercial brands are known to include carcinogenic chemicals along with many other nasties. So its time to quit the Sure and Dove and get on the good stuff... 

Know whats in your deodorant:

  • Organic tapioca starch
  • Organic bi carb of soda
  • Organic coconut oil
  • A selection of organic essential oils
  • A dark glass pot with lid
  • Sticky label


Combine equal amounts of bi carb of soda and tapioca starch, then add coconut oil (warm it up in hot water if it's solid) until you reach a desired consistency. It shouldn't bee too cakey, but slightly runny. Keep in mind that the coconut oil will solidify. Add 10 drops your choice essential oil. Et voila!