Digital Nomads Plugging into Nature. These guys really are an inspiration to all the young families out there. 

I Met William (Thomo) as a friend of a friend. William and a couple of other boys came down from Newcastle Uni to Leeds Uni and stayed with me (in my house of 7 girls) to go to a surf film viewing, skating around the streets of Leeds on their longboards. 

It turned out that we actually also just missed each other in Mexico by a few days the summer before. Anyway after uni William moved to Deal and met the lovely and incredible talented painter, Naomi, and they soon added another one to the family Alfie their water loving Spaniel. 

With these guys being down in Deal by the seaside it was a great weekend escape to go visit them. It was also actually in their cottage / gallery on the seafront of Deal where I first exhibited my first few bits of Jewellery. So thanks to them I was inspired to carry on and take it further. 

A few years down the line Ottilie was born. Unlike most families it was at this point they decided to buy a van, convert it, and then move into it. In doing this they did have to sell their beloved Land Rover, but they created the most incredible Home in their new van. 

From here I don't think they have looked back travelling all round the British coast selling their beautiful Tidal Compasses. (Dartmouth one, which I have shown in the images above) 

I feel super lucky to have these guys, as soon as I got back from my travels I went and met them in Wales. We camped in the middle of a sheep field, on the River Wye, went swimming everyday, surfing, paddle boarding and had some incredible van meals watching shooting stars, drinking some Italian wine and discussing and swapping ideas on our businesses. I also got to see Otty have her first paddle boarding experience! 

I luckily managed to catch them this weekend down in Dungeness before they head off on their next adventure around Europe. They are a huge inspiration to me and I am looking forward to following them and watching Ottilie grow up - she's already such a crazy little adventure girl and the terrible twos are only just beginning! 

Be sure to follow their adventures on their website below and on Instagram here


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