Road Trippin to see the Dunham Brothers

Zoe met Silas Dunham on a 3 month adventure in South America when they where just 18 years old. 

Since then they have met in Australia, New York and the UK. In the Spring of 2014 Zoe thought it was about time she went and visited her old friend. Her and her friend Ellie set of on an adventure. 

The first stop was to stay with Silas brother Tyler in San Fransisco. Here they met new friends, gave Tyler a fancy new hairdo and met Grandma Dunham (a lovely lovely lady). Zoe and Ellie went on some real fun adventures in and around San Fransisco. 

The next stop was Yosemite National Park. Here Zoe and Ellie borrowed Tyler's beautiful but slightly broken tent and planed to wing it with no sleeping bags. Despite the snow, freezing nights of spooning, and a cracked windscreen, Yosemite was breathtaking and we did some amazing hikes. 

Then down to Long Beach to see Silas and Stacey. This was a warmer experience of beaches, BBQs, paddle boarding and in and out burger. Not to forget some silly good catching up and dancing. 

Since then Zoe has been back to visit again.......another epic adventure coming soon to the adventures page. 

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