Zoe Morton Launch Party Followed by an Adventure

So the website is live and the Zoe Morton Jewellery Brand has official launched! 

I was  incredibly touched and a little speechless before, during and after last Thursdays Launch Party. 

I am incredibly lucky to have such incredibly supportive family and friends, and I never would of even attempted what I am, if it wasn't for all of you. So THANK YOU. 

It was awesome to see so many of your beautiful faces and I just wish I could of spoken to each and everyone of you more.

To follow an awesome Thursday night launch and a crazy few weeks, me and my good friend Jack Snell (The man behind all the incredible photography) decided we needed a bit of a get away. As I was looking after Alan my brother and his wife's little wired haired dachshund it was the perfect opportunity to get out of London and down to Devon. 

We had an awesome break teaching Alan to swim and kyack. It was beautiful weather and we even got to swim with a curious seal. 

The only downside was the slight mishap of being a little cocky in thinking we could fit two humans, one dog and our phones and cameras on a one man kyack. We capsized and me and Jack now have both our phones in bags of rice, but hey it was worth it (well at least it will be when our phones hopefully turn back on in a few days). 

To top it off I also watched the Super Blood Red Moon which was beautiful and inspiring. 

We hope you had an awesome weekends adventuring too!