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When I have been on travels I have always been amazed by the skill of the basket making you see. All the different weaves fascinated me, along with the textures. 

I guess this first started when I  went on my first travels to south america. We visited the floating Islands on Lake Titicaca, which are totally made of reeds, along with all their houses. I continued to see amazing hand crafted basket craft in various countries, and then when I was over in Australia for a wedding in 2016 there was an incredible exhibition on at the NGV in Melbourne. It consisted of Japanese basket artists, which was super inspiring as it really combined the traditional method but with such a contemporary style.

I thought how awesome it would be to bring this into Jewellery. I then started researching closer to home, it turns out we have a load of amazingly talented basket weaving artists, one being John Page. 

I contacted John and was amazed by his friendly and interested nature. He agreed to meet with me in his central London home. This was such an opportunity for me, and so kind of him. 

He lives in the most beautifully intriguing home full of different baskets, reeds, tools and books, every corner was more interesting than the next. We chatting and discussed my ideas over coffee and biscuits and then got to work. 

We created the Plantlife collection. 

John is an incredibly interesting and kind man and I really enjoyed sharing tales and making my ideas come to life. The skill of basket making really is amazing, and wether its in the UK or abroad there are plenty of courses you can do to make your own baskets - see the list of UK ones below.

The Good Life Centre by John Page - London

Native Hands in East Sussex

Various course via Basket Makers Association

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