Where does your product come from, who made it?

This week is Fashion Revolution week, and so we thought we would tell you a little bit about our products.

We are very proud that we know exactly who makes our products and exactly where they come from. 

Our Jewellery lines are proudly designed and made right here in London from recycled silver. This insures that our products are made sustainably, and made to the very best quality. We also used a thick plating of fine 18kt gold, which allows our plated pieces to have that amazing colour.

Our Palm carrier/backpack has two stages to its making. The baskets are made sustainably and ethically in the Moroccan mountains and in a Surf village just south of Agadir. We are also working with a contact in Morroco to set up a womans group to make the baskets. This will allow women in the area to continue earning a living after they have children. 

The straps and hardware are made and assembled to the bag right here in Hackney, London. Its great to be able to support a local Factory here in London.

Our Roadtrip tees are made from Organic cotton in the Isle of Wight. Both the factory in India which produces the cotton and the factory in the Isle of Wight that prints the tees use renewable energy.

We are very proud of how our products are made, and we certainly believe in quality over quantity. We produce in small batches, and although it costs more to do this, it allows us to have control over the making process and ensure we are creating the best quality product for you, our customer. It also means we leave far less of a environmental footprint which is also very important to us.

So we hope you are as proud of our products as we are.

Zoe MortonComment