We all love a statement earring, the bigger the better right?

Personally I don't wear makeup but I never go out without a pair of my earrings fact recently I went to a wedding and forgot to even pack make up.. but it was ok because, of course, I had my earrings, two pairs in fact (the Plantlife earrings and the Wave earrings).

 This was also reinforced by Molly Goddard (the Dempsey half from pajama brand Desmond and Dempsey) in Stella magazine last weekend where she wore my Plantlife earrings in Silver.

This summer fashion jewellery seems to be defined by statement earrings. There are some amazing statement earrings out there and now many Instagram accounts dedicated entirely to statement earrings or face furniture as its also called. One of these I would really recommend following is @earafterear by Tilly Macsmith.

Our statement earrings are designed to make your outfit but also to be easy and comfortable to wear. Wether its a wedding, an evening out or just for day wear, be sure to throw on a pair of our earrings to add the finishing touches to your outfit. You can shop our earrings above. 


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