Take Care of your ZM Jewellery

First of all we hope you love your piece of ZM Jewellery as much as we enjoyed creating it.

ZM Jewellery is to be worn, but we do have a couple of little tips to keep it looking fresh. 

We do advise you take off your piece of Jewellery when in water and when you go to bed. We advise you avoid contact with perfumes, makeup etc as this can tarnish the Jewellery. If your piece is plated then please do be aware that plating is several layers of fine 18kt gold on the surface of the Jewellery. In time this will ware off, however you can always get it re-plated. If you are interested in this please contact us on zoe@zmorton.com.

Please note that we do use precious metals which can be delicate so try not to get your jewellery caught up.

We hope you love it and enjoy it.