Our Story

Remember your adventures. A piece of jewellery that reminds you of adventures, people, places, travels. A piece of jewellery that lasts, which you pass down to your children and their grandchildren.

My aim was to create a jewellery brand, with stylish minimal products which had a meaning. I wanted to bring back the meaning behind a piece of jewellery. I found the industry to be all about the biggest diamond or most gold. I wanted to strip it right back and remember the meaning behind a piece of jewellery, not the status that came with it.

I aim to create designs that remind you of your adventure, your special memories, your special people.

When I was 18 I took a trip to South America and met some incredible people. I spent three months solid with two friends, sharing a tent hiking and ice climbing in Patagonia, climbing Volcanoes, building houses in a small village in the middle of the Andes, and even going down into a silver mine (and drinking a ton of chocolate milk).

These experiences bonded us for life. Before heading off to opposite sides of the world we all bought a bracelet to remind ourselves of the crazy travels we had had. This was where it all started even if I was unaware at the time. Having a piece of Jewellery that reminded me of the adventure and the people I shared it with. I am happy to say I still know these people and make regular trips out to the US to visit.

5 years later after working for a photographer in London I decided to quit my job and embark on another 8-month adventure with the aim to set up a jewellery brand afterwards, 5 of my friends gave me an engraved St Christopher necklace to keep me safe. The engraving said ‘Safe Adventures’. 

Finally it clicked and eight months later with that same St Christopher around my neck, the ZM brand was born. 

 The Process

I draw inspiration from my travels and adventures, and hope to inspire your next adventure.

Being a sustainably conscious brand is really important to me. You can read more on sustainability here.

The process for each piece can be different depending on what it is. However most of our collections are cast from recycled metals. The original is usually made in wax and then it gets cast into the metal.

The wax is carved, cut, bent has other materials added to it sometimes even melted. My process involves alot of experimentation with different materials.

Some of the collections also involve riveting and inlaying materials into the pieces.

For me often the most exciting part is figuring out if my idea will actually work, and if it does how I will create it.

The Founder

I grew up spending most of my time in the East Sussex countryside climbing trees, or on the coast in Devon jumping in and out of the sea. I was a real tom boy and as I grew I fell more and more in love with the sea. The space and freeness it gives you is amazing. Its safe to say I am at my happiest by the coast with friends and family.

I did my first bit of silversmithing at the age of 13, however as there wasn't an option to carry this on in school so I studied graphic design. To be honest I never really considered Jewellery design as something you could make a career. I ended up working in the London photography industry for 4 years. This journey allowed me to meet many inspirational people, and is all part of my journey.

 After a few courses at Central St Martins in London, I rediscovered my love for jewellery and decided to go and Study at Alchemia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Here I was inspired by the experimental approach and taught by some incredibly talented people. After an adventurous roadtrip back to London (I drove to Italy and lived there for 4 months) I started ZM Jewellery. Its been an incredible journey so far, meeting so truly amazing people. I am super excited to see what the next few years bring…