Our adventure

Remember your adventures. A piece of jewellery that reminds you of your adventures, people, places, travels. A piece of jewellery that lasts, inspires new adventures and travels onwards with you.

Zoe’s aim is to create pieces that remind you of your adventures, your memories, and your special people and allows them to travel onwards with you as well as protecting you along the way.

Zoe has always travelled a-lot in her lifetime. It has been these travels and the people she met along the way which has inspired the ethos behind the ZM brand. She wanted a way to always have a connection to these people even if she lived miles away. By wearing a piece of ZM Jewellery Zoe hopes to ignite a sense of adventure and allow people to be connected from one side of the world to the other.

In-between travels Zoe studied Graphic Design and worked in the photography industry by day, and by night she made jewellery. This lead her to do a 3 month course in Florence Italy to understand the production and design of Jewellery. From here she set up ZM in 2014.

 The Process


Being a sustainably conscious brand is really important to Zoe. You can read more on sustainability here.

The process for each piece can be different depending on what it is. However most of our collections are cast from recycled metals. The original is usually made in wax and then it gets cast into the metal.

The wax is carved, cut, bent has other materials added to it sometimes even melted. Her process involves alot of experimentation with different materials.

Some of the collections also involve riveting and inlaying materials into the pieces.

For Zoe, often, the most exciting part is figuring out if her ideas will actually work, and if it does how she will create it.